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Skyrim modder curses dragon priest masks.



Skyrim modder curses dragon priest masks

Skyrim modder curses dragon priest masks: Even though the dragons of Skyrim have transformed into anything from Thomas the Tank Engine to the brash wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage to the state of Ohio. At least their priests still have a certain amount of reverence.

However, given how often they destroy and their priceless masks added to some avaricious Dragonborn’s inventory. These ancient creatures may not that far ahead of their masters.

By delivering a wholly new and thorough upgrade to make their powerful artifacts as deadly and dangerous. As they ought to be, one modder has made it evident that they believe this to be the case.

It would help if you said farewell to your face since the full mask you stole now affixed to it.

The mod in issue, “Curse of the Dragon Priests (COPD) – A Dragon Priest mask mechanism revamp,” is the creation of renowned modder grassed. Notorious for allowing players to fail Skyrim’s main objective by moving too slowly and adding actual stress to the game.

But now that they’ve donned their dragon priest masks. The stat-boosting collecting artifacts from the original game have transformed into frightful, demonic facehuggers that will drive your character insane.

These new and better visages, loosely modeled after the stone masks from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, will first rather fussy and refuse to placed on until ultimately latching itself to your head and refusing to remove through the inventory menu.

Any mask will become more potent the longer it fasten to your head. Its enchantments will swiftly surpass their base stats and advance through four phases of amplified effectiveness.

A portion of the defeated dragon priest’s soul is still inside the mask. Infusing it with “dark energy,” which has some reasonably unsettling side effects. Like stat debuffs at lower power levels and the dragon, the priest takes control of your body at higher levels.

A priest of demons in Skyrim.

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Grassed on Nexus Mods is credited.

If you attempt to cast an unbinding spell to cast an exorcism to remove the mask, you will face several challenging battles with the priest to regain your body.

If so, slaying the priest after they take on their demonic form will cause the mask to loosen its hold on your face. Allowing you to glance in the mirror without yelling.

Fortunately, many of the effects the masks have when attached to you can change with the modifications “SKSE” and “SkyUI,”. So you can control the chaos if things start to go out of control. For example, you’re having trouble regaining control of your body.

Prepare yourself for some bizarre boss fights, and stay tuned to our site for more information on Skyrim modding and The Elder Scrolls 6.

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