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Players in GTA Online debate passive income sources.



Players in GTA Online debate passive income sources

Players in GTA Online debate passive income sources: GTA Online‘s economy is always a hot issue, particularly after a recent update brought some brand-new, pricey stuff to Los Santos.
Who cares about GTA 6 rumors when you have vehicles to modify and weapons to try out on griefers?

Fortunately, GTA gamers on Reddit have debated the most efficient methods to keep your bank account ticking. While you go out and grind heists for the big cash. This will help those trying to save money to try and get some new stuff.

The most excellent way to supercharge your stonks, according to GTA gamers

The post from user dudepare that started the conversation with this crucial piece of advice in the GTA Online subreddit included a meme explaining numerous ways to make money with the caption: “GTA Online passive revenue 2022 starting kit.”

Because of this humorous post, member OhMyTummyHurts honestly inquired about the finest passive income opportunity available at the moment. Which sparked a flood of answers from GTA’s super-saving veterans.

In my opinion, the most striking of them came from user ze ex 21, who wrote: “Punch pedestrians to death. Accumulating wealth $11 at a time.

My statistics show that I’ve made $2.9 million in nine years,” Subreon said, adding. “go to the beach walk during the day and use the stone hatchet so you can survive the police when they come.”

Other players offered less deadly advice, with abshabab responding to Reasonable-claim Promise38’s that the nightclub is the most excellent choice for generating money with an essay-length study of all of the game’s top properties and earning potential.

Some users, however, no longer see the advantages of etiquette, with users Nexus369 and EskildDood stating that “offering Jeff Bezos a cent for good behavior at this stage in the game is like handing him a middle finger.”

On the other hand, many people have completely stopped working. As explained by user Random BlaqDude. Some people consider themselves to be retired and maintain their lifestyle via shrewd stock trading.

Please put on your work boots or grab your pipe and slippers. And follow us for more updates on GTA Online and GTA 6 as new content becomes available.