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How to Treat Horses with Ulcers in Palworld



Treat Horses with Ulcers in Palworld

Palworld is a popular game with cute creatures called Pals. These Pals can get sick, just like real animals. 

One common problem they face is ulcers, which can worry the Pal and its owner. This guide will help you learn how to care for your Pal and treat ulcers. 

Join us to help your Pal feel better and be happy again!

Understanding Ulcers in Pals

Ulcers are common in Palworld and need quick treatment to prevent harm. These sores can slow down a Pal and, if not treated, could cause serious problems. So, it’s essential to learn how to fight ulcers effectively.

Crafting a Medieval Medicine Workbench for Pal Care

Acquiring Medical Supplies

To help a friend with ulcers, you need medical supplies. You can buy them from wandering merchants for 800 gold or make them at your Base. 

To create them, you require a Medieval Medicine Workbench, which you can get at Technology Level 12.

Building the Workbench

Once you reach the required Technology Level, build the Medieval Medicine Workbench in your Base. You will need 30 units of Wood, 5 Nails, and 10 Paldium Fragments. 

After collecting these materials, install the Workbench to start caring for Pals in your area.

Crafting Medical Supplies

Use the Medieval Medicine Workbench to make Medical Supplies for your Pal. You need 3 Ingots, 3 Horns, and 1 Bone to create these essential resources. This crafting task helps reduce Ulcers in your Pals.

Administering Treatment to Ailing Pals

Utilizing Medical Supplies

Use the medical supplies to help Pals with ulcers. Go to your inventory to see the list of Pals in your base. 

Find the Pal with ulcers and give them the remedy. Watch as your Pal gets better and stronger.

Conclusion: Ensuring Pal Welfare in Palworld

In Palworld, it’s essential to keep your Pals healthy and happy. Follow the guidelines for treating ulcers to help your Pals and Base thrive. 

Taking good care of your Pals is essential for your success in Palworld. Use medical supplies to prevent and treat ulcers and keep your Pals strong. 

Be kind and attentive to your Pals as you explore Palworld.