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How To Avoid Fall Damage In Palworld



Avoid Fall Damage In Palworld

Do your Palworld creatures keep getting hurt from falling? This article will show you how to protect them. 

Palworld is a popular game that involves collecting creatures and farming. But it’s easy for your animals to get hurt from falling. 

We have tips to help you keep them safe as they explore Palworld.

Understanding Fall Damage Mechanics

Understanding how fall damage works in Palworld is essential before discussing how to prevent it. Fall damage happens when a player falls from a height without using protection or support. 

The higher the fall, the more damage it causes, and it can significantly reduce a player’s health if not dealt with early.

Leveraging Protective Resources

Players should use different protective items to avoid getting hurt from falling in Palworld. These items not only protect against impact but also help in moving around the land more effectively.

Glide Gracefully with the Glider

Use the glider to fly safely above dangers. Open the glider to land without getting hurt when facing steep drops or cliffs. 

But be careful because gliding for too long can use up your energy, so manage it wisely.

Navigate with the Grappling Gun

Use the Grappling Gun to move around Palworld’s up-and-down land. If you’re about to fall, find a tree or high ground to attach the Grappling Gun. 

This will help you stop falling and avoid getting hurt.

Seize Opportunities for Mid-Air Maneuvers

Try to make mid-air moves and grab onto ledges or surfaces when falling. By making quick turns and adjustments while falling, players can stop their fall and avoid getting hurt. 

But be careful because this uses up Stamina, so use it wisely.

Harness the Power of Mounts

Ride mounts to avoid fall damage in Palworld. Riding a Pal protects you from fall damage and helps you move around the rough terrain. 

Choose a Direhowl as your mount for extra strength and speed.


In conclusion, learning how to prevent fall damage in Palworld is essential. Players can move through the dangerous terrain using tools like gliders, grappling guns, and mounts without getting hurt. 

Stay alert, practice, and start your adventure through Palworld’s high landscapes with determination. Your journey is waiting for you!