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There are too many game releases on Steam in 2023



There are too many game releases on Steam in 2023

Can having too much of a good thing be a problem? This might be the case with the flood of games released on Steam in 2023. 

Imagine this: you turn on your PC, open Steam, and are excited for a new game but are met with many options. So many that you can’t tell them apart. 

The promise of unlimited fun has become a confusing array of choices.

The Steam Surge: A Statistical Revelation

Unprecedented Growth

Steam’s game releases have significantly evolved. Looking back ten years, only 435 new games were released on Steam in 2013. 

This number shows the rapid growth of both the gaming industry and Steam. A striking fact is that the number of new releases in 2023 is almost twice as many as in 2018 when 8,900 games were added to the platform.

Gaming Odyssey in Numbers

To understand how big this flood is, let’s do some math. If you dared to try every game released on Steam in 2023, you’d need a lot of commitment. 

Even if you played games every second of every day, you could only spend 37 minutes on each game. These numbers show how huge Steam’s game library is and how hard it would be for gamers to try every game.

The Unrelenting Onslaught: Steam’s 2024 Prelude

As we enter the new year, new games are going strong. SteamDB says that almost 100 games have already been released in 2024. 

This number is set to rise above 100 by the end of the day, suggesting that the flood of games from last year will continue. Big releases in January 2024, like Tekken 8, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, and Enshrouded, highlight Steam’s ongoing dedication to offering a wide range of games.


Due to the recent gaming revival, steam is the leading platform in the digital gaming world. The large number and variety of games show Steam’s dedication to new ideas. 

This also makes it exciting for gamers looking for their next engaging game. As we explore Steam’s vast game collection, it’s clear that the digital gaming world is changing fast. 

This suggests a future where there are limitless possibilities in gaming.

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