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Amazon Prime members can get four games for free in January 2024



Amazon Prime members can get four games for free in January 2024

In January 2024, Amazon Prime is spicing up your gaming experience. They’re starting the New Year with an irresistible offer for members – four thrilling games for free! 

These games are set to keep you entertained and cozy this winter, offering exciting adventures from your home.

Endling – Extinction Is Forever: A BAFTA-Winning Environmental Odyssey

Start your adventure with Endling: Extinction Is Forever, the first game in Prime Gaming’s January collection. This award-winning game, recognized in the Game Beyond Entertainment category, involves players in a story about the environment. 

Play as the last mother fox on Earth, trying to find a new home for her three pups. Enjoy a beautiful, emotional game that goes beyond average entertainment. 

Endling is now available, and Prime members can get it right away to start their survival journey.

Apico: Beekeeping Sim – Where Rural Tranquility Meets Co-op Excitement

On January 11, Prime Gaming launched Apico, a particular beekeeping game. It takes players from the busy city to the calm countryside. 

You have to look after the town’s bees and get involved in the detailed task of bee breeding. This exciting game also has a co-op feature, so you can play with friends while learning about beekeeping. 

Prepare to discover the joys of country living and the challenges of maintaining a bee community in Apico.

Atari Mania: A Retro Gaming Extravaganza

On January 18, Atari Mania will launch on Prime Gaming. This is a collection of mini-games that showcases Atari’s gaming history. 

You can enjoy old favorites like Centipede, Pong, and Yars’ Revenge in a new way. These classic games that influenced the gaming world now have a modern touch. 

Atari Mania is a mix of old and new, celebrating the history of gaming.

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Yars: Recharged – A Remake of Atari’s Classic Yars’ Revenge

Wrapping up the January schedule on the 25th is Yars: Recharged, a remake of the old Atari game Yars’ Revenge. Dive into the revamped Yars’ Revenge game. Experience the thrill of this classic game, now redesigned for modern players.

Prime members can relive the past and have fun with this refreshed version, rounding off Prime Gaming’s January lineup.

Membership Perks and Pricing

If you love gaming and haven’t joined Amazon Prime yet, don’t worry. New members get a free 30-day trial. 

This gives you immediate access to the January games and many other Prime benefits. If you want to keep playing games after the trial, you can pay $15 for a monthly membership. 

This lets you keep the four January games and access many other games.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Prime Gaming

In January 2024, Prime Gaming will offer exciting games for Amazon Prime members. Games like the emotional Endling – Extinction Is Forever and the classic Atari Mania provide unique experiences. 

Take the chance to enjoy Prime Gaming’s exclusive January games. Start playing these games and enjoy the adventure.

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