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Snapchat introduces a new lens to help learn Sign Language.



Snapchat introduces a new lens

This new ASL Alphabet lens was created by Snap, which makes Snapchat. It gives people who use it a unique way to learn about the American Sign Language while they use it.

If you read The Verge, it’s called the ASL Alphabet Lens, and it has been released with the help of SignAll, a company that uses technology to translate sign language into words. Snapchat can read its users’ hand gestures thanks to SignAll’s AI technology.

It’s not just that users can now learn how to fingerspell their names using individual letters, but they can also practice the alphabet and play two games to see how well they know it.

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Snapchat had previously offered stickers and AR lenses with SignAll in September during International Week of the Deaf.”

People who are deaf or hard of hearing at Snap, known as “Deafengers,” are in charge of the ASL Alphabet Lens, making it easier for people to fingerspell their names, learn the ASL Alphabet and play games that put their new skills to the test.

In a world where there is a lot of language inequality, the company said, “We believe that AR can help change the way we communicate.” We are excited to learn more from our community as we work to make Snapchat better for everyone.

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