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Samsung dominates the smartphone industry with a 23.4% share



Samsung dominates the smartphone industry with a 23.4% share

Since many years ago, Samsung has dominated the worldwide smartphone industry, and the South Korean juggernaut maintained its position as the market leader through the first quarter of this year.

According to the most recent data from International Data Corporation (IDC), Samsung continued to be the top smartphone maker internationally, with a 23.4 per cent market share and sales of 73.6 million devices in Q1 2022.

Samsung delivered 23.6 million devices, a decrease of 1.2 per cent compared to last year when the firm shipped 74.5 million units.

Apple has taken over second place with an 18% market share and total sales of 56.6 million iPhones from January to March of this year.

In contrast to Samsung, Apple had a 2.2 per cent increase in shipments during the first quarter of this year.

Third, fourth, and fifth place correspondingly to Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo. With 39.9 million shipments, Xiaomi secured a 12.7% market share, while OPPO sold 27.4 million devices for an 8.7% share. Vivo delivered 25.3 million devices, and its market share was 8.1 per cent.

Unlike Samsung, all three Chinese smartphone manufacturers exhibit a fall in shipments when compared year-over-year.

Vivo had a significant loss of 27.7% per cent, followed by OPPO’s dip of 26.8% and Xiaomi’s decline of 17.8%.

Nabila Popal of IDC claims that the supply chain problems for key smartphone-making components are why businesses are having trouble competing in the market.

She also refers to the decreased consumer demand brought on by the present state of the economy and worldwide prices.