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How to find Flintstone in the game Enshrouded



Find Flintstone in the game Enshrouded

Are you ready for an exciting adventure in the mysterious world of Enshrouded? If you’re looking for the rare Flintstone, Enshrouded is the place to be. 

Its captivating landscapes and mysterious inhabitants make it a thrilling challenge for treasure seekers and explorers. The quest for Flintstone is more than just finding a rare mineral; it’s a journey that will test your intelligence, cleverness, and resourcefulness as you explore the uncharted territories of Enshrouded.

Unlocking the Flintstone Veins

Flintstone veins are essential for crafting in Enshrouded. We will show you the best places to find this material for gathering resources.

The Small Flint Mine: A Rich Vein of Opportunity

The Small Flint Mine is located north of Braelyn Bridge and east of the Ancient Vault. It is a great place to find Flintstone. 

You can easily see it on your map. Bring a Pickaxe with you to mine the Flintstone. Make sure your Pickaxe is well-made before you start. 

Once inside the mine, use your Pickaxe to get enough Flintstone for crafting. This is where you begin balancing gathering resources and making things.

East of Longkeep Ruins: Hidden Deposits Await

If you want other options, some Flintstone deposits are hidden east of the Longkeep ruins. These small deposits give you more chances to get resources. 

After checking out the Longkeep ruins, take the opportunity to increase your Flintstone supply. Adventurers need to be well-prepared.

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Harvesting Wisdom: Respawn and Renewal

In Enshrouded, being efficient is essential. After you gather the Flintstone you need, remember that these resources come back in the same place. 

This makes it easy to keep mining and getting more. It helps when you’re making Flintstone Arrows or Rough Flintstone Blocks.


To master Enshrouded, you must understand how to gather resources. Flintstone is essential for crafting, so you need to mine strategically. 

Explore the Small Flint Mine and the deposits east of Longkeep ruins to see how resources renew. With this knowledge, you will progress quickly in Enshrouded. 

To learn more about Enshrouded, check out our guides on crafting essentials like the Grappling Hook and how to repair weapons and equipment.

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