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How to Obtain Metal Sheets in Enshrouded



Obtain Metal Sheets in Enshrouded

Working with metal has always been very attractive, whether you’re an experienced craftsman or someone who likes to do things yourself and wants to start working with metal. Metal sheets are very versatile and robust, making them a popular material for many projects, from making modern furniture to creating sculptures. 

However, getting these essential materials can make it straightforward for many who want to be artists. Don’t worry because this article has a lot of information that will help you understand how to get metal sheets and give you the power to bring your metal creations to life.

Understanding the Importance of Metal Sheets

Metal sheets are essential in Enshrouded. They are used to make solid shields and armor. 

Players need to get these sheets quickly to protect themselves from the dangers in the game.

How to Create Metal Sheets

To make metal sheets Enclosed, you must carefully combine charcoal and metal scraps. Here’s a guide on how to get and use these materials to make Metal Sheets.

  • Discovering the Blacksmith

To make Metal Sheets, the Blacksmith in the Ancient Vault needs to wake up. You can find the Blacksmith at the Springlands Fast Travel spot southwest of the Ancient Spire.

  • Obtaining Charcoal

To make metal sheets, you need charcoal. You can only get charcoal indirectly. You have to create it using a charcoal kiln. 

To build a charcoal kiln, collect 20 stones. Then, use the charcoal kiln to make charcoal.

  • 17 Wood Logs
  • 3 Dirt

Adventurers will yield a bountiful harvest of 15 Charcoal units upon processing these items within the Charcoal Kiln.

  • Acquiring Metal Scraps

You can get Metal Scraps in different ways, like looting and defeating human scavengers. For help getting Metal Scraps quickly, check our guide.

  • 10 Metal Scraps
  • 10 Charcoal
  • 12 Wood Logs
  • 30 Stone
  • Forging Metal Sheets

Adventurers can start forging by using Charcoal and Metal Scraps. Put 2 Charcoal and 2 units of Metal Scraps into the Forge to make 1 Metal Sheet. This resource can be utilized to craft the Rising Fighter Set and Shield.


In conclusion, making Metal Sheets in Enshrouded is vital for players who want to protect themselves in the game world. Adventurers can become skilled and survive in the shadows by following the steps and using suitable materials. 

Take on the challenge, learn what you need to know, and let your achievements be known in Enshrouded.

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