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Team Solo won the Splatoon 3 Frosty Fest Splatfest



Team Solo won the Splatoon 3 Frosty Fest Splatfest

Team Solo won the Splatoon 3 Frosty Fest Splatfest, showing great skill, strategy, and paint-splattering ability. They won every round, making them a memorable team in gaming history. 

This exciting event proves that video games are more than just pressing buttons without thinking.

The Decisive Categories

Sneak Peek – Solo (7 points)

The winning journey started with a preview round, showing each team’s skills. Team Solo took advantage of this, earning 7 essential points that established their control over the Splatfest.

Popularity – Solo (8 points)

Team Solo remained popular. They won with an 8-point lead, showing their skill in the game. 

They also received much support from the Splatoon 3 community, strengthening their top position.

Open Battles – Solo (12 points)

The battlefields saw fierce fights involving strategy and skill. Team Solo, determined and tactical, scored 12 points, proving their ability to handle the disorder and win.

Pro Battles – Solo (12 points)

Team Solo stepped up their game to a professional level, earning an extra 12 points in pro battles. This category highlighted their skills as they competed against highly skilled and strategic opponents.

Tricolor Battles – Solo (18 points)

The highlight of the Splatfest was the three-color battles. Team Solo showed great skill here. 

They used the unique features of Crableg Capital to win. They scored an impressive 18 points, proving they were the best.

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The Unfolding Triumph

As the Splatfest went on, Team Solo’s dominance became clear. They were ahead after the first half and handled the Tricolor matches skillfully on the Crableg Capital stage. 

This win is the twelfth official Splatoon 3 Splatfest since the game came out in September 2022.

Rewards and Recognition

Winning the Splatfest gives players Super Sea Snails, depending on their rank. These snails improve equipment by adding extra ability slots and letting players change gear abilities. 

The better the rank during the Splatfest, the more Super Sea Snails players get. Team Solo members get even more snails as a bonus.


In the big picture of Splatoon 3’s Splatfests, Team Solo’s win in the Frosty Fest holiday Splatfest shows their talent, planning, and strong will. As the ink dries and the sounds of victory linger, Team Solo’s success becomes a part of Splatoon history, leaving a lasting impression on the Turf War fields.

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