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Salman Khan plants trees for Green India Challenge



Salman Khan plants trees for Green India Challenge: The Green India Challenge 5.0 attended by Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Rajya Sabha MP J Santosh Kumar and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. According to Santosh Kumar in a statement, Salman Khan planted a seedling at Ramoji Film City on Tuesday while visiting Hyderabad for filming with his team.

Salman Khan added during his speech that everyone should take on the duty of a planting program and provide the seedlings with the proper care until they grow to be significant.

Regrettably, significant numbers of people are lost to natural disasters like floods and periods of heavy rain. The actor mentioned in the announcement that the only way to stop the loss is to promote plantations.

The actor encouraged his supporters to participate in the Green India Challenge and widely plant seedlings.

Santosh Kumar received accolades from Salman Khan for tackling the planting scheme. He said that the MP’s efforts to increase green cover would contribute to protecting the planet and future generations.

Santosh Kumar hailed the Bollywood celebrity for agreeing to participate in the Green India Challenge at his request. He said that the actor’s effort to plant trees would motivate his supporters.

One of the most extensive green programs in the nation, the Green India Challenge (GIC), started by Santosh Kumar. Countless millions of seedlings have planted as part of the effort.

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