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How to make spells quickly on Roblox Weapon Fighting Simulator?



Make spells quickly on Roblox Weapon Fighting Simulator: Roblox Weapon Fighting Simulator focuses on acquiring the arsenal of weapons that you can use in battles worldwide. You can also gather excellent Spells to apply to your battles and also. 

These Spells come in rarities similar to weapons and can do significant damage to opponents and make it more efficient and faster to defeat them. 

It might take time to gather diverse Spells; however, here’s how you can accomplish it quickly and effectively.

Make spells quickly on Roblox Weapon Fighting Simulator

Fight Mega Boss Enemies

The enemies drop various items to be collected, like Qi or Spirit Stones. But it is, they are not the easiest enemies to defeat. Mega and Boss Monsters are the most difficult enemies to beat and can give Spells that you can take advantage of.

 It is impossible to get a Spell when you take on a Mega opponent, and you might be fighting several before you can obtain one.

Utilize Auto-Fight

Automatic Fight will be a fantastic option to keep grinding Mega Bosses to obtain a spell a little faster. You can still manually attack them in the same way, but Auto Fight will allow you to do this without additional hassle. 

The most effective way to utilize Auto Fight to collect Spells is to make sure that you are in a place where there are that can spawn Mega Bosses located near one another. 

So long as the Bosses appear close to each other, the Auto Fight will keep fighting them until you eventually obtain a Spell.

Make spells quickly on Roblox Weapon Fighting Simulator

Take 2x Spell Drop

To make the procedure more efficient, access your store menu located on the left side of the screen and buy a GamePass. This 2-time Spell Drops GamePass costs $399 R$; however, it can make it much simpler to obtain a Spell when you’re fighting off foes. 

It also offers an Increased Spell Drop for just 149 R$. However, it lasts only 10 minutes, which means you’ll be keen to get the most of it. These boosts guarantee a more straightforward process for collecting Spells and likely receive Legendaries within minutes!

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