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Kim Kardashian will make a documentary about Elizabeth Taylor



Kim Kardashian will make a documentary about Elizabeth Taylor

Kim Kardashian will produce and appear in a three-part documentary series about Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor called Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar.

The BBC Arts commissioned the documentary to provide a new look at Taylor’s life and career.

She started as a child star and became the world’s highest-paid actress. She got married seven times, including two marriages to Richard Burton.

Taylor also worked to raise awareness about AIDS and was determined to live life her way.

Some people may be surprised by Kardashian’s involvement, but it brings a unique perspective to the project.

Both Taylor and Kardashian are known for their prominent personalities, business skills, and ability to handle fame in the public eye.

Kardashian has admired Taylor for years, calling her a role model. The documentary will interview Kardashian, who did the last interview with Taylor before she died in 2011.

It will also show unseen footage from Taylor’s collection, interviews with friends and family. And thoughts from film experts and biographers.

Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar could be an exciting look at one of Hollywood’s most famous stars.

Combining Kardashian’s modern style with Taylor’s timeless glamour and legacy, the documentary offers a new perspective on a life that still interests people today.

Passion Pictures, the same company that made the Oscar-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man, is producing it.

It will be on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer in the UK later this year. It’s to be discovered when the documentary will be available in other countries.

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