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Erin Moriarty leaves Instagram because of Megyn Kellys comments about plastic surgery



Erin Moriarty leaves Instagram because of Megyn Kellys comments about plastic surgery

Actress Erin Moriarty, known for her role as Starlight in The Boys, decided to leave Instagram after former Fox News host Megyn Kelly commented about her.

Kelly claimed that Moriarty had plastic surgery, comparing her old and current photos.

Moriarty responded on Instagram, calling the claims false and expressing her hurt.

She explained that the comparison photo with heavy makeup was from ten years ago and that stress had changed her appearance.

Despite her explanation, Moriarty received online harassment and abuse, leading her to deactivate her Instagram account.

Moriarty leaving Instagram shows how online harassment and cyberbullying can harm women in the public eye.

It’s worrying how people often comment on and criticize women’s looks in a mean way.

Also, it reminds us to fact-check before saying things that could hurt someone.

Even though fans will miss Moriarty on Instagram, her stand against online negativity is brave.

It reminds us to be kind and respectful online and to make people responsible for what they say and do.

This incident should start discussions about how people behave online and push platforms to make more vital rules against harassment and abuse.

Erin Moriarty’s leaving Instagram shows how hostile the online world can be.

But it also tells us to work towards more polite online behavior and protect people from hurtful comments and bullying.

If we encourage responsible online behavior and make people take responsibility for their actions, we can make the online world more positive and respectful for everyone.

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