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How to get the Fairy Rose in Stardew Valley



Get the Fairy Rose in Stardew Valley

As you explore Pelican Town, you might have heard about the mysterious Fairy Rose and its extraordinary powers. People say its colorful petals can heal and bring luck to those who grow them. 

But getting this flower takes work; it needs patience, dedication, and knowledge about gardening. In this guide, we will reveal how to get and take care of the elusive Fairy Rose so you can enjoy its beauty and benefits in Stardew Valley

Get your watering can, andlet’ss start this magical flower adventure!

The Mystery Behind Fairy Roses

Legend says the FairyRose’s pleasant smell brings fairies, making your Stardew Valley experience mystical. Although there are no confirmed in-game effects, getting this magical flower is an adventure.

Growing Fairy Roses on Your Farm

You can’t find Fairy Roses in the wild or buy them in Pelican Town stores. But don’t worry, we’ll show you the best way to get these beautiful flowers – by growing them on your farm. 

To start,you’lll need special Fairy Seeds, which you can buy from different merchants in Pelican Town.

  • Merchants and PricesPierre’ss General Store: 200 gold
  • JojaMart: 250 gold
  • Traveling Cart: 300 to 1,000 gold
  • Night Market (Winter 17): 200 gold

Plant fairy seeds in the fall, growing into fairy roses in 12 days. Use Speed-Gro or Deluxe Speed-Gro to help them grow faster. 

If you want to grow Fairy Roses all year, plant them in the Greenhouse.

Maximizing the Value of Fairy Roses

Fairy Roses are very profitable in Stardew Valley because they can be sold for up to 580 gold if they are high quality.

Crafting Fairy Rose Honey

Upgrade your farming by turning Fairy Roses into Fairy Rose Honey, the priciest honey in Stardew Valley. You can sell this unique honey for 680 gold per jar. 

To make it, plant a Fairy Rose flower near a Bee House.

Unleashing FairyDust’ss Magic

Enter the world of alchemy by making Fairy Dust, a particular item that can be sprinkled on kegs, furnaces, and other machines to get their products quickly. You can make Fairy Dust after finishing The Pirate Wife quest for Birdie. 

To make this magical dust,you’lll need 1 Fairy Rose flower and 1 Diamond.


In conclusion, our guide shows how to get Fairy Roses in Stardew Valley. Whether you want to make your farm look nice or earn more money, these beautiful flowers are a great addition. Grow your Fairy Roses and enjoy the magic of Stardew Valley.