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Dry Cough Treatment in Ayurveda




Dry Cough Treatment in Ayurveda:  Several internal and environmental variables might contribute to dry cough, a frequent symptom. For example, dry coughs might brought on by allergies or changing weather conditions. Whatever it is, it is annoying and sometimes unpleasant.

Even though allopathy provides a variety of remedies, many people do not find them to be effective. Ayurveda offers a solution for individuals who struggle with allopathy. Dr. Mihir Khatri, who has combined some potent Ayurveda medicines with a popular trend, shares some of them.

Dr. Khatri shared an Instagram email with the following comment: “Dry cough is most annoying since you can’t even sleep. It becomes worse every time you attempt to sleep.

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He has also advised patients against using turmeric, tulsi, and honey as cures since they work best for mucus-filled coughs rather than dry coughs.

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Dr. Khatri has outlined an exterior and internal corrective method to treat dry cough. He suggested using lukewarm mustard oil mixed with salt to the neck and chest region as an external treatment.

The doctor suggested a combination of four pieces of cardamom, half a spoon of rock sugar, and half a spoon of desi cow ghee as an internal cure, which involves taking items directly interacting with the throat.

Take this combination three times daily until your dry cough is completely gone. He also offered a preventative strategy, which include in the list of treatments.

He advises avoiding putting rock sugar in the internal remedy combination if you have diabetes and have a dry cough.
Dr. Khatri claims that dry cough is entirely treatable with the proper treatment and prompt medicine.

However, you are urged to seek expert assistance if the situation worsens and the therapies are ineffective.

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