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Yoga workshop for those who desire to live a healthier life.



Yoga workshop for those who desire to live a healthier life

Yoga workshop for those who desire to live a healthier life: Fitness guru and speaker Mickey Mehta organized a session over the weekend shortly before International Yoga Day. To encourage more people to try yoga. The event’s goal was to raise awareness about different elements of yoga.

The event’s main topics of discussion were mental and emotional wellbeing, age and disease reversal, and vegetarianism. Mehta also showed seven asanas, or yoga poses, in seven steps to assist individuals in getting started with their fitness and health regimens.

“The goal of getting together is to raise public knowledge about the multiple advantages of yoga in achieving holistic wellness,” Mehta said. Fitness fans from all walks of life attended yoga, meditation, and breathing programs.

Ashima Jain, a nutritionist and lifestyle management coach, spoke on the health advantages of yoga. While Mehta discussed the necessity of a clean green diet. “By helping you appreciate the power of breath and meditation. My wellness method will also take care of your physical, physiological, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing,” Mehta said.

The purpose of holding this session ahead of International Yoga Day was to inspire more individuals to try yoga and begin their fitness and health journeys. Yoga is vital in helping us take a step towards wellbeing as we discuss more holistic wellness today.

I intended to provide a fundamental foundation for everyone interested in improving their health and fitness.”
“When you mix a balanced and clean diet with yoga. The correct lifestyle, and choices, you get healing, equilibrium, and inner peace,” Ashima Jain remarked.

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