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A Pokemon Violet player completed the game using only Smoliv



A Pokemon Violet player completed the game using only Smoliv

In Lumiose City, a legendary tale is being whispered among Pokémon trainers. It’s about a daring player who went on an extraordinary adventure through the world of Pokémon Violet using only one Pokémon – the small and often underestimated Smoliv. 

As rumors spread online and on social media, fans are left wondering: Can this creature conquer all eight gyms, defeat Team Cosmos, and become the champion of the Violet League?

The Unlikely Hero: Smoliv’s Journey

In a world dominated by powerhouses like Meowscarada, Annihilape, and Kingambit, Smoliv, a Grass/Normal-type Pokemon, often fades into the background due to its modest stats. However, against all odds, a Reddit user, PlentyAd5204, elevated Smoliv to legendary status by triumphing over Pokemon Violet’s Champion, Geetal, with a level 100 Smoliv.

Unveiling the Challenge: Navigating the Constraints

PlentyAd5204 didn’t just walk through the Paldea region. They chose to make the game more challenging by not using certain items, bonuses, or a specific type of Pokemon. 

This made the game more complex and showed that Pokemon games can still be exciting and challenging.

Strategic Triumph: The Path Less Traveled

PlentyAd5204 took an arduous journey through the Star Hideouts, battling Gyms and Titans in a strategic order. They did things differently by tackling the Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon Hideouts last. 

This showed their mastery of the game and their strategic skills.

Eight Attempts to Glory: The Intensity of AI Turo

PlentyAd5204 faced a tough challenge in the last battle against AI Turo, the ultimate boss in Pokemon Violet. They tried eight times before winning, showing great dedication and skill. 

Beating the final boss with such commitment adds to the awe of this impressive achievement.

Behind the Scenes: Smoliv, Sprigatito, and Scatterbug

PlentyAd5204 shared the team they used to clear the Star Hideouts when asked by curious trainers. The team included Smoliv, Sprigatito, and Scatterbug, but only Smoliv was actively involved. 

This information gives a peek into the careful planning needed for this challenging task.

Witness the Triumph: PlentyAd5204’s Video Chronicle

PlentyAd5204 shared a YouTube video about beating Pokemon Violet with Smoliv. The video shows the battles and can inspire new trainers looking for different challenges.

The Continuing Saga of Creative Challenges

PlentyAd5204’s achievement is a shining example in a time when some say Pokemon games are getting easier. The Pokemon community is still lively, with trainers taking on new and creative challenges, like using only Poison-type Pokemon or exploiting exclusive monkey Pokemon. 

The Pokemon fanbase’s spirit of creativity and imagination is thriving in Generation IX. In short, the fantastic victory of beating Pokemon Violet with Smoliv shows the endless possibilities and challenges in the Pokemon world. 

PlentyAd5204’s journey inspires trainers to push themselves and explore new areas to become Pokemon masters.

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