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The producer of Marvel’s Moon Knight is joining Junayed Alavi’s first movie



The producer of Marvel's Moon Knight is joining Junayed Alavi's first movie

Bangladeshi director Junayed Alavi is working on his first feature film called Sapiens.

Grant Curtis, known for producing the Marvel series Moon Knight, is now an executive producer for this project.

Curtis may offer guidance, financial help, or industry connections to support the film.

Details about Sapiens, like the plot and cast, are limited.

However, given Alavi’s background in documentaries and activism, the film might explore important themes uniquely.

Curtis could bring more attention and resources to Sapiens, helping with its production and release.

His experience with successful projects like Moon Knight could also benefit Alavi’s directorial debut.

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This news is a positive step for Alavi’s first film. Keep an eye on this project as it progresses.


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