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Jackie Chan and BTS V appear in a new ad



Jackie Chan and BTS V appear in a new ad

Jackie Chan and BTS member V worked together on an ad for SimInvest.

The video, released in September 2023, shows them having fun and showing their personalities.

In the ad, Jackie and V sit at a fancy table discussing their friendship.

They then show their unique talents: Jackie does action moves, and V dances energetically.

Fans loved the ad’s cute moments, like V teaching Jackie to dance moves.

The ad was a big hit, getting positive reactions worldwide. People found the pairing adorable and praised their chemistry and the funny video.

The ad has millions of views, and fans made art and edits of the duo.

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This collaboration combines a famous martial artist and actor with a popular K-pop star.

The campaign with Jackie Chan and BTS V was successful, touching hearts with its unexpected pairing and sweet moments.

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