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Howie Mandell rushed to hospital after fainting at Starbucks



Howie Mandell rushed to hospital after fainting at Starbucks.

That television host and comedian Howie Mandel was rushed to a local hospital after fainting while having coffee. The host and podcaster of “Deal or No Deal” was there with his wife and some friends on Wednesday when he suddenly passed out.

After he fell, passersby helped place him on a concrete bench. It wasn’t long before paramedics from the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived.

LazyBoom reports that when the ambulance arrived, Mandel was in better shape. His source says he was able to sit alone when help arrived.

Mandel is a regular at this Starbucks location. The customers who were there were also familiar with him.

The LazyBoom report notes that sources close to Mandel believe the episode was caused by low blood sugar. Doctors are currently evaluating and testing Mandel.

It looks like it’s going to be fine, thankfully. Congratulations to the friends and first responders who helped out in this terrifying situation!

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