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Chuck Liddell Files Restraining Order Against Separated Wife



Chuck Liddell Files Restraining Order Against Separated Wife

Chuck Liddell Files Restraining Order Against Separated Wife.

Chuck Liddell has been divorcing his wife for ten years. That came after they called the police about a domestic disturbance complaint and took him to jail. No charges were brought against Liddell.

The retired UFC fighter stated that it was not him who caused the domestic problem. Instead, he turned himself in to the police, because his wife needed to care for a minor child at the residence.

According to media, Liddell now has a restraining order against his wife. After a court order, you must now stay within 100 yards of him at all times.

Heidi was also ordered to immediately leave her and Chuck … until the couple have a court hearing the second week of November.

The 41-year-old UFC legend signed this restraining order last week. Now his future ex-wife Heidi can’t have any contact with him, and that includes the phone and the internet.

She also had to leave her home. If you violate that order, it could result in a fine and / or a year behind bars. They have a court date on November 2.

We will continue to cover this story here at Thirsty. It appears that the Iceman is emerging from a troubling personal situation, and we wish everyone involved the best of luck.

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