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Anthony Hopkins discusses serious subjects in Freud’s Last Session



Anthony Hopkins discusses serious subjects in Freud's Last Session

Anthony Hopkins plays the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud in the movie Freud’s Last Session.

The film imagines a deep conversation between Freud and C.S. Lewis, the writer of The Chronicles of Narnia.

The story is set in London in September 1939, before World War II started.

Freud, who is seriously ill with cancer, invites Lewis to his house for a chat.

They discuss significant issues like whether God exists, what life means, and why people suffer.

As you’d expect, Freud talks about his theories on how our unconscious minds and childhoods shape our actions.

Lewis, a Christian and religious writer, counters Freud’s ideas with his logical and theological arguments.

The movie delves into the personal battles and weaknesses of both men. Freud deals with his impending death and the possible impact of his work, while Lewis contemplates his faith and the difficulties of living in a world increasingly filled with darkness.

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Freud’s Last Session has generally received good feedback, with critics complimenting Hopkins and Matthew Goode’s (who plays Lewis) performances and the movie’s stimulating examination of complicated themes.

Despite being fictional, the movie provides a unique chance to see a conflict between giants in psychology and faith, triggering thoughts about eternal questions regarding human life and the purpose of life.

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