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2024 Grammy Awards had the highest number of viewers since the pandemic



2024 Grammy Awards had the highest number of viewers since the pandemic

The 2024 Grammy Awards had more viewers than in recent years, showing more people watching award shows after the pandemic.

About 16.9 million people watched the ceremony on CBS, Paramount, and other digital platforms, 34% more than last year.

This is the most viewers the Grammy Awards have had in four years. The second year in a row with more viewers suggests that things are returning to how they were before the pandemic.

The ceremony featured performances by many artists, from well-known ones like Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé to newer ones like Doja Cat and Olivia Rodrigo.

This variety may have attracted viewers with different musical tastes.

As pandemic restrictions ease, people might be more interested in attending live events and watching award shows. This could be why more people watched the Grammy Awards this year.

The ceremony was available on different platforms, like streaming services, which could have made it easier for more people to watch.

The part of the ceremony that honored Tina Turner and other music legends was the most-watched, with 18.3 million viewers.

The ratings for the award show still need to be higher than before the pandemic. But they are going up, which could mean more people are interested.

It’s important to remember that the number of viewers sometimes shows how excellent or essential an award show is.

However, the increase in viewers for the 2024 Grammys suggests that more people might be interested in these events again.

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