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Harnaaz Sandhu’s mini-doll rendition of her Miss Universe outfit will blow your mind.



Harnaaz Sandhu’s mini-doll rendition of her Miss Universe outfit will blow your mind: Miss Earth After taking home the prestigious Miss Universe crown in December last year, Harnaaz Sandhu made India proud. The 22-year-old quickly rose to fame after winning the championship despite waiting almost 20 years.

Harnaaz earned a lot of affection from her supporters at home, and her popularity is spreading worldwide. Proof? Recently, she received a lovely homage from a doll designer in Thailand.

To help Harnaaz win the competition, they created a little doll with her Miss Universe appearance. The details will blow your mind.

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On Sunday night, Harnaaz shared a post made by Grace Panisara of Doll Couture Thailand on her Instagram stories. The text “[heart eye, heart, and prayer hands emoticons] This is wonderful” displayed Grace’s little Harnaaz doll.

The doll mimicked Harnaaz’s appearance during the 70th Miss Universe pageant when Mexico’s Andrea Meza awarded her the coveted title. View Grace’s post to see how Harnaaz responded.

Harnaaz Sandhu’s mini-doll rendition of her Miss Universe outfit will blow your mind

On her Facebook, Grace posted images of the Harnaaz doll with the statement, “The doll in front of me has the 70th Miss Universe, a miniature version of Harnaaz Sandhu, myself, and the whole group of artisans. Try to incorporate every detail to make the item seem as lovely as possible.”

The doll is shown donning what seems to be the same silver gown, and crown Harnaaz wore for the pageant’s grand finale. Details like the hairdo, cosmetics, and clothing resembled what Harnaaz would have worn. Don’t trust us? Could you view the photos she took of the event?

Harnaaz wore Saisha Shinde’s lavishly adorned silver gown. The sleeveless dress has a floor-length hem, a front thigh-high slit, beautifully arranged transparent panels, and a plunging V neckline that reaches the stomach.

Her gorgeous Miss Universe crown, glittering jewelry, open hairstyle, and dramatic makeup enhanced her appearance. All these particulars include in Grace Panisara’s doll.

Many internet users filled the comments section with appreciation when she posted pictures of the little Harnaaz doll on her Facebook. Even Harnaaz sent a remark with emojis for love, sparkling, and prayer hands. “Extremely gorgeous,” one person said. One more said, “Wowwww.”

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