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Zoom’s latest update includes Avatars and direct Twitch streaming



Zoom's latest update includes Avatars and direct Twitch streaming

Zoom has announced several improvements to provide customers with a slew of new capabilities. Memoji-like avatars, live Twitch broadcasting, audio sharing across all breakout rooms, video chatting, and Zoom Room updates are just a few new features.

Zoom Assembly updates

With Zoom’s new Avatar, you can use an animated avatar to make video calls and webinars. First, the camera will be detected by the zoom software application, which will determine where your face is on the display screen. Then, it uses a digital animated avatar to imitate your facial emotions and head movements.

Instead of manually installing Twitch as a bespoke live-streaming service, account owners and managers may now allow hosts to stay stream their conferences or webinars on Twitch.

Hosts may now distribute computer audio across all breakout rooms to let people have a more coherent experience. In addition, when the host starts sharing content or while it’s being shared, this can be turned on.

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Zoom Chat has been updated

The sidebar can now be customized, and folders have been replaced. Customers will be able to arrange their chats and channels by dividing them into folders. According to the company, this will be available on March 28, 2022.

Zoom Chat also includes a video messaging feature that allows users to record and send video messages using the platform.

Zoom Rooms updates

It also released upgrades for its Zoom Rooms for business users, including a redesigned Workspace Reservation dashboard, Workspace Reservation Desk Suggestions function, and updated feedback for Zoom Room users on mac devices.

On the new workspace Reservation dashboard, admins can now access and engage with analytics and information about how corporate employees use Workspace Reservation, including insights into workplace usage and utilization, check-in rates, top workspaces, and more.

Owners and administrators of Twitch accounts can now webcast their meetings directly to Twitch. Instead of manually establishing a stream, people or organizations can communicate announcements, webinars, and other broadcasts directly to fans and consumers.

For chat, use video messaging

Zoom Chat now allows users to capture and send video messages to their friends and coworkers. You can record a video message and transmit it to others to express the same idea instead of composing a long message or finding a good meeting time.

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