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Zoom has announced new features including Gesture Recognition and Whiteboard.



New features are being added to the Zoom platform, like gesture recognition, Zoom IQ for Sales, Zoom Whiteboard, etc.

A new feature called Gesture Recognition makes it easy for people to show others how they’re feeling and make it easier to stay in touch with each other. Gesture Recognition lets people make visual gestures, like raising their hand, that automatically shows a meeting reaction.

This feature is only available for Raise Hand and Thumbs Up reactions. It can be turned on at the account, group, or individual level. To start, this setting is turned off at the client-side level.

“In this update, we have added some features to help you and your teams improve, protect, and speed up your collaboration,” the company said in a blog post. These include Gesture Recognition, Zoom IQ for Sales, Zoom Whiteboard, Backstage for Zoom Events, etc.

Zoom said about the whiteboard experience: It has completely redesigned it to bring the all-new Whiteboard. This is a cross-platform, persistent online, visual collaboration solution that’s built right into the desktop client of the app and into Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms for Touch devices, and more.

“Take your collaboration to the next level with features like shapes, connectors, sticky notes, adding images, and more. These features can help you work together even more. Please look at our site and our blog about Zoom Whiteboard to learn more about it! “The company said that.

A conversation AI tool called Zoom IQ for Sales can help companies help their sales teams reach their full potential. It analyzes customer interactions to surface critical insights, actions, and content from sales meetings.

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