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Xiaomi Smart Speaker With IR Control Launched in India




A Xiaomi Smart Speaker (IR Control) has been released in India. For household appliances, the IR transmitter functions as a voice remote control. A 1.5-inch full-range driver and far-field microphones are included in the speaker. 

Additionally, an LED digital clock display is included with the Xiaomi Smart Speaker. The Google Assistant and Chromecast are built-in to the smart speaker. 

Physical control buttons are located at the top of the IR-controlled speaker. 

You may buy it on the Xiaomi official website, Flipkart, and other places in a single color choice.

Price of a Xiaomi Smart Speaker with IR Control in India

The MRP of the Xiaomi Smart Speaker (IR Control) is Rs. 5,999; however, it is presently being offered for Rs. 4,999. 

You may buy the intelligent speaker from places like Flipkart and Xiaomi’s official websites. The single color choice for the Xiaomi smart speaker is Black.

Specifications for the Xiaomi Smart Speaker (IR Control)

The Xiaomi Smart Speaker with IR Control may serve as a voice remote for household appliances since it has an integrated IR transmitter module. 

Google Assistant works with this module to enable speech control of non-smart products. 

A 1.5-inch full-range driver and two microphones with far-field voice wake-up assistance are included in the speaker.

Additionally, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker has a digital LED clock display with adaptive brightness, which dims the light when the DND mode is activated.

Depending on the ambient light, the brightness levels vary automatically. Additionally, users can configure the alarm to their preferred tunes and settings. 

The Xiaomi smart speaker includes built-in Chromecast support. You may play and stop music, adjust the volume up or down, or mute the speaker using the physical control buttons.

The intelligent speaker from Xiaomi weighs roughly 628 grams and has dimensions of 95x95x14mm.