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Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Indian launch is August 9



Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Indian launch is August 9

Xiaomi will commemorate its eighth year in the Indian market on August 9. The company will introduce the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer in India to commemorate this occasion.

Because it works with the Mi Home app and is simple to use from a distance, the firm claims that the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer will be the first smart air fryer to reach India.

In March last year, the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer made its debut in China. It is a flexible appliance since it incorporates elements of common home appliances, such as an oven, microwave, fruit press, yoghurt maker, and others, into a single unit. It features a broad 40-200°C temperature adjustment range.

The air fryer includes a dual wind speed setup that allows it to thaw, bake, and roast a range of dry fruits, vegetables, and meat at low temperatures and air frying at high temperatures.

Heat is uniformly dispersed throughout the meal thanks to the Smart Air Fryer’s powerful 1500W internal heating technology with 360° hot air circulation heating. Additionally, it permits cooking around the clock.

Users may easily adjust the frying temperature and duration on the OLED screen at the front of the fryer by turning a dial and pressing a button.