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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with Gold Frame and Buckle Launched in China



Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with Gold Frame and Buckle Launched in China

Xiaomi is arguably the last firm that springs to mind when considering luxury goods since it often adheres to a basic style and releases items that perform the job.

However, it seems that the Chinese business opted to surprise its customers with a limited-edition Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with Gold Frame and Buckle.

The tracker, covered in gold, is very expensive, costing 2,529 Yuan ($375).

In partnership with the China Academy of Arts and the mining business China Gold, Xiaomi has introduced a large selection of diamond-set gold frames and buckles for several of its smart bands.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4, 5, 6, and even the Band 7 can all utilize these frames and buckles.

The cost of the complete selection of these gold-encrusted “add-ons” ranges from $11 to varying amounts. The Xiaomi Mi Band 6’s frame and buckle combo are the most costly.

The latest price reduction brings it down to $375. The starting cost is around $440. Considering that the normal Xiaomi Mi Band 6 costs less than $40 is a lot.

The “eight-sided powerful flying pig gold shell set” is one of several sets available for the gold-studded smart band.

In China, a pig is seen by the uninitiated as a sign of luck and wealth.

Additionally, there are “flying pig dream foot gold buckles” and “flying tiger gold diamond buckles.”

Through the YouPin website, Xiaomi is offering these gold frames and buckles for sale.

If you’re interested in purchasing them and reside outside of China, you’ll be unhappy to learn that Xiaomi has only allowed the sale in the Chinese market.

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