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Xiaomi introduces a wireless keyboard and mouse combo for the global market



Xiaomi introduces a wireless keyboard and mouse combo for the global market

Officially introduced is the new Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set.

The wireless keyboard and mouse will be enjoyable with their excellent capabilities.

The ergonomic features of the two gadgets also provide comfort and prolonged usage.

The 2.4GHz transmission speed of the wireless keyboard and mouse will assist users in clearing up their workplace. It provides little distorted, steady, and consistent signals.

The transition from wired to wireless communication is provided by the small wireless nano receiver, which also aids in organizing the workspace.

The wireless keyboard offers a full-size, three-zone layout with 103 keys. The key’s design guarantees comfort and ease.

The 12 Fn keys include several controls that make it possible to do several computer operations quickly.

The cylindrical keycaps on the wireless keyboard better fit your fingertips and absorb impact.

Strong and durable characters that have been laser-engraved are on the keycaps.

The keyboard’s 6-degree tilt angle contributes to ergonomic comfort.

The mouse is portable and provides free mobility that is both comfortable and convenient. It provides optimal power savings and is powered by a AAA battery.

For flawless functioning, it incorporates an accuracy sensor and a power switch. A single wireless nano receiver connects the keyboard and mouse.

The mouse offers a low battery indication and an auto sleep option to extend battery life.

You are alerted by the orange signal that the battery needs to be changed. The little mouse features a central scroll wheel and a symmetrical design.

The Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo are excellent purchases if you want to increase your productivity.

Xiaomi hasn’t yet provided information on price and availability, however.