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Wordle 308 Answer (April 23) What is today’s Wordle Word?



Wordle 308 Answer (April 23)

Wordle 308 Answer (April 23):  Every day is a new challenge for Wordle users, and they must determine the Word of the Day that can be described as an English word with five letters. The players have six attempts daily to define the term. Following each guess, each letter will be highlighted with specific colors based on the degree of accuracy of the correct answer.

A new version of Wordle will be accessible at the time of midnight and local time, and the answer for each day is identical for all users around the globe. If you’re still having trouble getting the solution for today, then look below.

Wordle Puzzle Answers

  • Wordle 308 answers (April 23)— OLIVE

You can also solve the previous problems using the Wordle archives created by different websites, including one via Devang Thakkar. We’ve also included the solutions to the last several puzzles if you want to hold several brainstorming sessions in a day.

308 Answer (April 23)

  • Wordle 307 Solutions (April 22)— PLANT
  • Wordle 306 Questions (April 21)— OXIDE
  •  Answers 305 (April 20)— CARGO
  •  Answers 304 (April 19) — FOYER
  •  329 Answers (April 18)— FLAIR (April 18)FLAIR
  •  302 Questions (April 17) — AMPLE
  •  302 Answer (April 16) — CHEEK –CHEEK
  •  300 Response (April 15) — SHAME
  •  299 Response (April 14)— MINCE
  •  298 answer (April 13) -CHUNK –CHUNK
  • 297 Response (April 12) —ROYAL
  •  296 Response (April 11) —SQUAD
  • 295 Solution (April 10, 2010)) -BLACK 

We’ll keep updating the guide to include the latest solutions when the newest version of Wordle release. So make sure you bookmark this page so that you can access the most recent solutions in a hurry.