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Who Is Winning the Destiny 2 Guardian Games?



Winning the Destiny 2 Guardian Games:  The Guardian Games have kicked off in Destiny 2, and that is why players will want to find out who’s leading the charge to deposit the hard-earned medallions in the Podium inside the Tower. 

We’ll explain who is winning this year’s Destiny 2 Guardian Games every day once the results are revealed.

Who Is Winning the Guardian Games?

Bungie has announced that the Warlocks are currently running in the Guardian Games via its weekly blog post. This Week at Bungie. This is correct on May 5, 2022.

As of the writing time, two days have passed since this year’s Guardian Games, and it’s unclear what Bungie will be providing daily updates on every group of Guardians throughout the tournament via Destiny 2’s Official Destiny 2 Twitter account.

We’ll keep an eye on this frequently, and as soon as there’s any news about who’s going to win in the Guardian Games in Destiny 2 2022. This post will be updated and will notify you.

Based on recent engagement rates, which Bungie shared in their blog post that announced next year’s Guardian Games, the Hunters have the highest engagement in the game and Warlocks coming in second and Titan trailing in third.

While this doesn’t indicate that the Hunters are winning, it could suggest that it could give them an advantage if this pattern continues.

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How Do Guardian Games Work?

Like previous years, players will charge with completing specific tasks as mini-questions called the Contender Cards or Platinum Cards. These tasks are ad-hoc, so you don’t have to log in at a particular time every day.

Complete Raids, Dungeons, and competitive PvP events like Trials of Osiris and Survival and The Seasonal Activity on a more incredible difficulty will award players with medallions of the higher tier.

At the average difficulty level, complete drop-in content such as Gambit, Vanguard Strikes, Quickplay Crucible, and Throne World tasks will earn you lower-level medallions.

Gold medals also earn through completing Contender Cards with less complex tasks. Conversely, the Platinum medals fall if platinum Cards meet more complex tasks. 

This means that you’ll be able to earn medals or awards for almost everything you undertake.

However, the most recent addition this year is Strike Scoring, which factors into playtime exclusively when it comes to Guardian Games playlists. 

Additionally, Strike Medals award to players who have performed extraordinary feats of gameplay. Such as the destruction of enemies with Shatter or a different action or unique.

If you’ve earned a few medals and awards, bring them to the Podium at the Tower and deposit them.

When Does Destiny 2 Guardian Games End?

The Guardian Games will start today, May 3, and conclude on May 24.

So what are you sitting around to do? Grab those medals, and start lighting the torches!


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