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How to Win Fortnite Versus Battles



Win Fortnite Versus Battles

Win Fortnite Versus Battles: You must participate in and win a 1v1 match against any other player in the lobby as part of the most recent Dragon Ball cooperation tasks. The goal of the study is to eliminate all Bounty Board targets.

You must jump at one of the Bounty Board sites scattered across the area to participate in a vs. combat, and the entrance cost is 75 Gold Bars.

All Fortnite Bounty Board Locations

As previously stated, the missions must start by jumping at one of the Bounty Board spots scattered over the area. After leaping, use your interaction button to engage with the board and spend 75 Gold Bars to start the matching process so you can locate an opponent.

For a map of every Fortnite Bounty Board site, see below.

How can you monitor your Fortnite opponent in a vs. battle?

In contrast to the Bounty Board, the matching queue will only match you up with other players who have started a close vs. combat queue, not with random opponents nearby. When you locate an opponent, a little red circle with their location will show up on the map.

Within the following five minutes, find them and get rid of them. Otherwise, the mission will be a failure, and you will have to start again from scratch.

Additionally, it would help if you located a separate Bounty Board in your area since you cannot re-queue at the same Bounty Board.

Additionally, you will be recognized for completing the missions if your adversary dies due to interception.

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