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When Does Total War Medieval II Release on Mobile?



When Does Total War Medieval II Release on Mobile

When Does Total War Medieval II Release on Mobile?

Here’s some good news for strategy fans who want to have fun while on the road. According to Feral Interactive and Creative Assembly, Total War Medieval II will be released on iOS and Android devices on April 7th.

This will bring a mix of large real-time combat and turn-based strategy to your mobile device and the Total War series’ signature gameplay. 

Total War Medieval II occurred during the Middle Ages on three continents when battles and conspiracies were commonplace. Demonstrate your power by conquest or deception, and you might just become the undisputed ruler of all.

Features of Total War Medieval II on mobile:

  • 17 playable factions can be built into powerful world powers with statecraft, cunning, and full-on war.
  • Real-time battles of epic proportions include archers, infantry, and cavalry. All armed with an array of authentic medieval weapons.
  • There will be an option for more agents to manage state affairs and more sophisticated campaigning methods to create alliances and destabilize competitors.
  • A map of a campaign that spans Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East – and even the shores of the New World – through four centuries of war, competition and conquest.
  • Innovative user interfaces with refined touch controls allow fingertips-based command of your battlefield.

If you’re looking forward to playing Total War: Medieval II on the go, it’ll cost $14.99. The game is available to the pre-order option on iOS. Android gamers can sign up for the game by registering in the Google Play Store.

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