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WhatsApp QR Code Scam: Here’s What You Need to Know to Stay Safe



In India, WhatsApp has almost 400 million users, and the UPI, or Unified Payment Interface, lets you pay with your bank account on your smartphone, so you don’t have to carry cash. When you combine both of these systems, users will be able to pay as they’ve never been able to before.

However, criminals and scammers have been intrigued by its success, and they’ve come up with new ways to make people pay out of their own pockets without any pressure. In this case, scammers use the QR code payment method and send it through WhatsApp to people who are involved in the sale or purchase of an item so that they can do this.

As a result, it’s now known as the WhatsApp QR code scam. We’ll show you what this scam is and how to avoid getting scammed when you pay with this payment method.

Things to know about the QR Code scam:

To transfer money or send a QR code, you might be asked to give them your bank account information or send them the code for their account.

This payment is made with a QR code sent to your phone over WhatsApp.

When you need to pay someone, you usually show your QR code. When you need to get money from someone, you don’t need their QR code.

To fool the buyer, scammers use this trick. They send the buyer their QR code, which the customer then uses to pay for the goods they are selling. Instead of giving you money, the fraudster can take it from you and get away with it.

There are unique QR codes for each account. If you get a QR code from an unknown source or sender, check to see if the amount is correct before sending the money.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the country, but you need to stop using them when things like this happen.