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WhatsApp is trying to show status updates in the chats list



Whatsapp tests the ability to show Status updates from the Chats list on the home screen. To make it easier to check your friends’ statuses, a new feature is being added that will make the Status feature on the instant messaging service even better.

If you want to create group polls from your desktop, WhatsApp is working on a part that would let you do that! If this were done, it would allow people in the group to vote for a certain option and see how many people voted for it.

WABetaInfo says the instant messaging app owned by Facebook’s parent company Meta is now trying to show users Status updates right away from their Chats list or when they search for any of their friends in the program.

According to the report, status updates will show up when the user clicks on the profile picture of their friend. This looks like how you can now see the Instagram Stories of the people you follow on Meta’s Instagram.

According to the report, there will be another improvement for status updates in the future.

“There is also a way to look at status updates right in the list of your private chats on Instagram, so if you have an account there. As of today, we can finally say that the same feature is also coming to WhatsApp “:

Users of WhatsApp have been able to use the Status feature since February 2017. It gives them an Instagram Stories-like experience. The feature has been available through its Status tab for as long as the app has been out.

On the other hand, WhatsApp appears to be extending the reach of the feature by letting users move their Status updates to the Chats list, where they can be seen more clearly by their friends and family.

In a screenshot, it can be seen that the person had posted a status update. This can also be seen in the chats list or when the person is looking for chats and messages.

This is how it works: If you hit the chat cell, you start a conversation with that person, but if you hit their picture, you get to see what they’re up to now.

People who use WhatsApp could soon chat with the same account on two different phones or a phone and a tablet.