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WhatsApp introduces emoji reactions and larger groups



WhatsApp, which Meta owns, is adding new features to make it easier for people to use. These new features include emoji reactions, bigger files, and group chats, among other things.

In the past, groups could only have up to 256 people, but now they can have up to 512.

“Emoji reactions are now on the new version of the app. We are very excited about this. Reactions are fun and fast, and they help groups stay less stressed. We will keep improving them by adding more expressions in the future, which will make them even better “In a blog post, the company said that.

“Besides that, you can now send files in WhatsApp that are up to 2GB in size at a time, and they’ll be encrypted all the way through. This is a big change from the previous limit of 100MB. We think it will help small businesses and school groups work together “:

WhatsApp said it recommends using WiFi to send or download large files, and it will show a timer to let people know how long it will take.

Recently, a report said that WhatsApp might be working on the way to see status updates right in the chat list in a future update of the app.

This feature is still being worked on, so beta testers haven’t been able to try it out yet.