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Users of WhatsApp, Take Notice! Multi-device connections will be available for secondary phones and tablets soon.



Users of WhatsApp, Take Notice! Multi-device connections will be available for secondary phones and tablets soon.

If you use WhatsApp Web or Desktop, you’ll soon see more significant changes. WhatsApp has just released a new multi-device app for Android and iOS that fixes bugs and makes your experience better when you use it. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a feature for phones that lets you use the same account on multiple phones.

It says that the update will add a new section to WhatsApp called “Register Device as Companion,” which will let you use WhatsApp on another device so that you can use it there. You might also need to use your main WhatsApp phone to scan a QR code. If you use WABetaInfo, the app will one day be able to let you add an Android tablet as a secondary device.

“WhatsApp is releasing a new version through the Google Play Beta Program. The new version is

New things have been added to this game. If you can add new mobile devices to your WhatsApp account in the future, you’ll be able to do that. “In the report, this is how it is,

The next version will also automatically sync the most recent messages on the companion device, and it will be encrypted from start to finish. As a result, you won’t need a SIM card to use your WhatsApp account on another phone or tablet.

A feature called “Linked Devices” was added to Meta’s messaging platform in November 2021. Users can now sign in on multiple devices simultaneously, thanks to this feature, which was added.

WhatsApp has added a lot of new features. The expansion of the voice calling feature was one of the essential things on the list. When you make a voice call, WhatsApp can now handle up to 32 people simultaneously. This is a significant change from the previous 8 people. If you want to talk to a group of eight people simultaneously, WhatsApp raised the limit to eight people. Phone calls will be the only thing that can help 32 people.

In addition, WhatsApp is working on a subscription model for WhatsApp business accounts so that businesses can get even more benefits from the service. According to a recent news story about it, it’s possible to connect up to four devices at a time when using a multi-device. But if you sign up for their new plan, you can connect up to 10 devices at once.