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Users may now choose and edit multiple texts simultaneously in Google Docs



Users may now choose and edit multiple texts simultaneously in Google Docs

Multiple text selection and editing have been enabled on Google Docs, making it more productive. Users may now choose numerous texts at once and do actions on them in their documents, such as deleting, copying, pasting, and formatting. 

According to Google, users will no longer have to make repeated modifications to their papers. Instead, these numerous text selection procedures will aid in speedier formatting and editing. Let’s have a look at the new Google Docs features.

Google has stated that the multiple text selection functionality will be accessible to “all Google Workspace clients, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers,” according to an official release. 

It started rolling out this functionality gradually on May 25 and expects to make it completely accessible in the following weeks.

Users may now, for example, pick all of the subheads in a document at once and make the changes they need instead of choosing individual headings and making the changes they require. 

The same tool is also available when users wish to modify the font size of their text or make any other formatting or editing adjustments to their document.

How does Google Docs handle multiple text selections?

Users of Google Docs now can utilise keyboard shortcuts to apply this multiple text selection capability. ChromeOS and Windows users may utilize the multiple text selection capability in a document by highlighting a portion of text they wish to edit, then hitting Ctrl and choosing another group of text. 

They may now use the same formatting choices to alter both chosen texts. On the other hand, Mac users may perform the same thing by pressing the Command key.

Google stated earlier this month that users of Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides would soon be safeguarded against phishing and malware assaults via virtual cards that will alert them.