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How to use the Planting Kit at My Time at Sandrock



use the Planting Kit at My Time at Sandrock:  It is hard to plant crops in the desert of My Time at Sandrock. However, Zeke, the only water farmer in the area, can help you get started. Zeke will show you how to make a Planting Kit. 

This is the primary way to harvest your crops throughout the year. This is what you need to know to use the Planting Kit at My Time at Sandrock.

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How to Use the Planting Kit

After completing the Moisture Farm Blues quest, you will learn to use the Planting Kit. Then, during The Grass is Greener’s main quest, you’ll be able to make a Desert Planting Kit.

 After you have spoken with Zeke and used the Kit to create your character, it’s time to return to your Workshop to begin using your Planting Kit.

The Planting Kit isn’t an item in your inventory or a tool you use. It’s instead a menu that you can open whenever you are in your Workshop’s backyard and want to work on your farms. 

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Click the ‘Tab key’ on your keyboard to open it. The Planting Kit option will be in the lower right corner. Click on the Planting Kit to open it. You can then use a straw to create Straw Grids or use seeds you have acquired while traveling.

 Here you can also water your plants and apply fertilizer.

The Planting Kit will be used frequently in your Workshop’s garden to do any farming. 

Dew will collect to provide water, and fertilizer will need to maintain their health in the desert sun.

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