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How to unlock Farming in My Time at Sandrock



unlock Farming in My Time at Sandrock:  You will not only spend your time at Sandrock as the resident builder, but also you can start laying roots and Farming. You won’t find the desert an ideal place to start farming.

 It is best to have experience before you attempt it. This guide will show you how to unlock Farming in My Time At Sandrock.

How to unlock Farming

Only one way to unlock Farming is to complete the main story quest Moisture Farm Blues. This will require you to work alongside Zeke, the sole worker at Sandrock’s Moisture Farm. 

After learning more about Zeke, visit his farm, and you’ll find that he is under attack from Googlers. These lizards will destroy Zeke’s Hydrogel. After that, it will be up to you to fix it so Sandrock can eat.

To make a Hydrogel replacement, you will need to work closely with Qi. This will require you to venture into The Breach. Justice will allow you to access this location. 

You can find the schematic and other supplies you need in this location. Once Qi has given you the replacement blueprint, all you have to do now is make it and hand it to Zeke. 

You will need three pieces to make Hydrogel: the Condenser and Hydrogel Door. The Condenser will be made so that you can focus on the two other items.

Here is a breakdown of the necessary items for each piece.

  • Hydrogel Door
    • Eight Copper Plates
    • Six rubber tubes
    • Four Bronze Pipes
  • Hydrogel Core
    • Five Rubber Shells
    • 10 Copper Bars
    • Two engines
    • Two Bronze Blades
    • Four Copper Pipes

You will need to collect copper and Tin ore to make bronze bars. Then you can use your Processor for more delicate items. But, first, you will need to go to the Salvage Yard mining site to find the Engines.

After completing the task, you can take the items back to Zeke and install them. After that, Zeke will teach you everything he knows about Farming and unlock it at your Workshop.

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