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How to Unlock Bat Form in V Rising



Unlock Bat Form in V Rising

 Unlock Bat Form in V Rising:  V Rising has gained popularity due to its unique approach to survival crafting games. Players are cast as vampires in a gothic setting and must survive as the traditional horror icon.

The player may shapeshift, much like vampires in literature and movies, and one of the most recognizable forms is the Bat Form.

In V Rising, how do you unlock Bat Form?

It would help if you defeated Nighmarshal Styx the Sunderer to unlock the Bat Form in V Rising. The first step in tracking him down is to go to the Cursed Forest. However, remember that this is a late-game location in V Rising.

Follow the south roads and make your way to the center of the area. Nighmarshal Styx the Sunderer, the boss you must face, is located there. Before meeting this monster, make sure you’re at least Level 76, which is barely under the Level Cap of 80.

When Styx spots you, you’ll push into combat with him as he attacks at random. This boss, like you, is a vampire, but he’s unpredictable until you’ve remembered his animations, which may help you cope with him and finally defeat him.

Styx can call bats, teleport to you, and execute a spin attack, among other things. He may be difficult, but after you hit half health, the game tosses you a bone.

When Styx’s health is down to half, he will begin calling foes to assist him in his battle. Fortunately for you, killing these adversaries will provide you with some life regeneration, allowing you to finish him out.

You’ll be able to use the Bat Form after Styx has defeat. It will enable you to fly faster than you can walk, but unlike the Waygates, you will not be able to move objects when in Bat Form.