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Type-C ports may appear on future iPhone models



Type-C ports may appear on future iPhone models

For many years, Apple has used its lightning port for all of its recently released iPhone models, including the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 series.

However, in a possible twist, the Cupertino-based tech giant is developing a Type-C connector that might include in future iPhone models.

Although many Apple fans prefer the current Lightning connection, switching to a Type-C port might make their life easier and more convenient.

To begin with, the Type-C connector is speedier than the Lightning port, which Apple enthusiasts should embrace as soon as possible.

Additionally, the switch to a Type-C connection may allow iPhone owners to efficiently utilize the popular Type-C cable. It might lead to less technological waste, which Apple is passionate about.

If that isn’t enough, consider this: Apple has ceased including adapters with its iPhone devices to reduce its carbon impact.

It includes a Type-C to Lightning cable with the devices, which cannot utilize with USB converters. Consequently, first-time clients are more likely to purchase a new adaptor.

However, according to a Bloomberg rumor, Apple will use a Type-C connection to comply with European rules. Apple iPhone models with Type-C connectors might be available early next year.

Meanwhile, the source claims that Apple is developing a new power adaptor that will increase the compatibility of future iPhones with Lightning connection accessories.