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TWS Earbuds are expected to be launch with the phone (1)



TWS Earbuds are expected to be launch with the phone (1)

TWS Earbuds are expected to be launch with the phone (1): On July 12, Nothing will officially introduce the Nothing phone (1), which is now generating news every day. However, today’s topic is not Nothing’s original smartphone. Instead, it concerns the potential release of a second pair of TWS earbuds on the same day as the phone (1).

Nothing will shortly launch its second TWS.

According to rumors, Nothing will reportedly release new earbuds on July 12 under the name Nothing ear (1) Stick. We also examine the style of the alleged earphones. 

The transparent earphones in the leaked picture are housed in a slender, elongated casing (as opposed to the square-shaped case of Nothing’s original earbuds), which gives the name “Stick” some justification.

The Nothing earbuds that have leaked resemble the ear (1) in appearance but differ in a several ways. 

In addition to having a new charging case, the earbuds have longer stems with two dots at the bottom rather than just one on the ear (1). Additionally, there is the new (1) Stick branding.

Additionally, we are unaware of any information on the earbuds’ internals. The ear (1) Stick seems more like a variation of the ear (1) than a replacement, even though we may anticipate certain improvements. 

Additionally, we don’t know whether this rumor is accurate or if there are currently no plans to create a new TWS.

These specifics should be made public shortly. It’s thus advisable to wait for them. We already have some knowledge about the phone (1), including its invite-only policy, Snapdragon 778G+ chipset, transparent design, wireless charging, and more. On July 12, the price and more information will be revealed. So, until then, keep checking back for all the information.

Those who managed to get the pre-order pass may now pre-book the phone in order to potentially receive it at the time of the launch. The phone is already available for pre-sale.