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Truecaller is going to stop recording calls, and here’s why.



This time, Google makes a considerable effort to stop third-party apps from recording your phone calls. From May 11, Google will no longer allow apps that record phone calls to be sold in the Google Play store.

So, all of the legitimate call recording apps for Android will not be able to work. So, if you want to record voice calls on your phone, you’ll have to use your smartphone’s built-in call recorder.

It won’t be possible to record calls on your smartphone after May 11. It doesn’t have a built-in call recording feature.

If you want to record a phone call after putting it on speaker, you can always use a voice recording app on another phone.

Many people in India use Truecaller, which is one of the most popular apps for making and receiving calls. This app is also used to record voice calls. One of the most popular things about the Truecaller app in India is that it lets you record phone calls. Truecaller has said that it will no longer let people record phone calls worldwide.

Truecaller’s call recording feature was free for all users, permission-based, and required users to use the Google Accessibility API to make the feature work. However, because of new rules in the Google Developer Program, we can no longer record calls.

A spokeswoman for Truecaller said in a report, “At Truecaller, we have added call recording to all Android phones because so many people asked for it.”

Truecaller said that this wouldn’t affect phones with built-in call recording. Few smartphone manufacturers, like Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, and Oppo, have built-in call recorders that will still work after May 11.

If you want to record a call, Google has been taking action for a long time. With Android 10, Google said that the ability to record calls would be removed as part of its plan to protect your privacy and security.

When the Accessibility API first came out, it covered a lot of different things. Apps that record calls, like Truecaller, used the Accessibility API to make this feature possible. Rogue apps have taken advantage of these permissions to keep track of people.