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Tower of Fantasty’s Weapon Resonance function



Tower of Fantasty's Weapon Resonance

 Tower of Fantasty’s Weapon Resonance: In Tower of Fantasy, you may strengthen your character using Weapon Resonance. First, however, you must complete the plot in Tower of Fantasy to get the chance to check out the gaming system for yourself. 

Learning Weapon Resonance is essential since it gives you several bonuses and unique advantages. This tutorial will explain how Tower of Fantasy’s Weapon Resonance works.

Tower of Resonance’s Weapon Resonance ability

You advance the plot in Tower of Fantasy by completing primary narrative missions like previous gaming systems. The second chapter will include several new features. 

The newest systems at your disposal are Weapon Resonance, armor upgrades, and exploration prizes. Utilize the in-game settings to go to the weapon page to unlock Weapon Resonance.

 Pick the new Benediction button that is shown below.

The screen for Weapon Resonance will appear when you choose this new option.

Tower of Fantasty’s Weapon Resonance

You may now enhance your characters and weapons after gaining access to the Weapon Resonance panel. Weapon Resonance will give your character additional skills and stat increases based on the weapons you have equipped. 

Each weapon has three tags: DPS, Defense, and Support. These weapon tags may be combined to provide various benefits. The four resonance effects and their functions are as follows.

Equip one of each kind of weapon to achieve balance. This will result in a 5% boost in final damage, a 5% increase in damage reduction, and a 20% increase in shatter and healing effects.

 Increase final damage and damage reduction by 20% while playing as a team.

To trigger this effect:

  1. Equip at least two defensive weapons.
  2. Increase aggression by 800%, shatter by 60%, and damage reduction by 25% each.
  3. Increase damage reduction by 20% more while playing in teams.

Attack: Equip a minimum of two DPS-type weapons to begin. Increase final damage by 10%; in team play, this percentage rises to 40%.

To activate the Benediction, equip at least two support-type weapons. Increase healing by 100%, which increases by 100% more in cooperative games.

Using Weapon Resonance, create weapon load-outs that complement your play style in Tower of Fantasy.

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