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Tom Holland addresses rumors about breaking up with Zendaya



Tom Holland addresses rumors about breaking up with Zendaya

Fans were buzzing with rumors that Tom Holland and Zendaya had broken up.

However, Holland, who plays Spider-Man, has now denied these rumors. In a recent video, he firmly said No, no, no. Not.

The rumors started when Zendaya, who plays MJ in the Spider-Man films, unfollowed everyone on Instagram, including Holland.

This and the couple not being seen together recently sparked the rumors. But Holland’s apparent denial has put an end to the gossip.

He didn’t say much when asked about the breakup rumors while out in Los Angeles. But his reaction showed he found the rumors amusing and annoying.

Holland and Zendaya have been linked romantically since 2017 but keep their relationship private.

They sometimes share moments of their love on social media, like Zendaya’s birthday post for Holland in 2023, but mostly keep their romance hidden.

They choose to keep their relationship private due to the heavy scrutiny they face as celebrities.

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This choice, however, allows for rumors to spread. Holland’s quick and precise response reminds us that not everything we see online is accurate and that celebrities should have privacy in their personal lives.

Despite keeping their relationship mostly private, it’s clear that Holland and Zendaya are still together and ready to dismiss any rumors that arise.