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This Japanese Company Wants to Showcase Flying Cars by 2025



This Japanese Company Wants to Showcase Flying Cars by 2025

Cars and motorcycles flying about in a high-tech metropolis are the first things we perceive when we see a picture of the future in science fiction movies. 

While we’ve seen excellent convertible automobiles that can take off like an aircraft, such a lot may be a little too far away for the time being. 

However, if everything goes well, flying car-backed taxi service in Japan might be operational by 2025. Right now, have a look at the information listed below!

Skydrive and Suzuki Collaborate on Flying Car Demos

Skydrive Inc., a Japanese firm that focuses on flying vehicles and freight drones, demonstrated the maiden flight of their unique eVTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicle with a human aboard in September 2020. The same business has now teamed up with Suzuki to create a new model of their eVTOL vehicle, which will be shown during the 2025 Osaka World Expo.

Skydrive Inc. is now collaborating with Suzuki on developing a two-seater eVTOL vehicle that can take off and land vertically and fly around a city, delivering people to their destinations. 

The flying two-seater, presently known as the SD-05, will be able to carry a single passenger and the pilot/driver and transport them inside city boundaries.

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The business recently stated that it had agreed with Japan’s transportation authorities, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT), to use the JCAB Airworthiness Inspections Manual to type-certify their flying vehicle (AIM).

“In October 2021, the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau approved our application for type certification. Since then, we’ve had many conversations with the authorities about how to create and construct safe airplanes and test them. The JCAB and we have now agreed to use AIM Part II as the foundation for type certification. We’re delighted that we’ve taken another step toward earning a type certificate. “From here, we’ll continue to strengthen our relationship with JCAB and discuss preparations for acquiring a type certificate,” said Skydrive’s Chief Technology Officer, Nobuo Kishi.

Skydrive will continue to improve the design and add safety measures to its two-seater flying vehicle in the future. The business plans to show off the flying car during the 2025 Osaka World Expo before launching a taxi service in Japan with a fleet of SD-05s.

So, what are your thoughts on Skydrive’s intentions to make commercially accessible flying cars? Do you believe they’ll be able to stick to the schedule and complete the project? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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